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Matshediso Kgamane – Learn To Play

Matshediso Kgamane

Crown Princess

I am a general practitioner currently in private practice. I have been practicing medicine for about 15 years. I started my career in the public sector at Princess Marina Hospital and Gaborone and Tlokweng District Health Management Teams. I have done a lot of healthcare outreach over the years and it was during these outreach visits that I realized how much basic
health education was lacking in most of these rural communities.

I am part of the LTP board because I would like to assist in providing basic health education and hopefully help to build a culture of understanding basic health needs in the communities we work with. I would like all our mamapreuneurs to have basic first aid skills because first aid saves lives. I also want to see our children become healthy through play.

As a child I had a full time occupation called play that I loved. My favourite game was hide and seek, I enjoyed hiding but didn’t enjoy being the seeker much because it was too much like real work to try and find everyone. There was so much peace in hiding if you found the right hiding place, hiding was fun work.

Dr Kgamane


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