A Brighter Future

Early childhood education plays a critical role in developing children’s awareness and appreciation of the natural world and their understanding of sustainability. Exposing children to nature from an early age can foster their curiosity and love for the environment, creating a foundation for a lifelong connection with nature. Additionally, integrating sustainability practices into their daily lives can teach children the importance of preserving natural resources, reducing waste, and caring for the environment. By instilling these values in young children, they can become environmentally conscious citizens who actively contribute to a sustainable future.

 At Learn To Play our curriculum is aimed at sustainability and we value our natural environment. Teaching our children about conservation, global warming, and sustainable play is an important element of our program and plays an essential role in developing our children’s ecological literacy, promoting their environmental stewardship, and creating a brighter future for our planet. In fact, environmental education is known to help children practise critical thinking skills and inspires engagement with their immediate community and surroundings. 

 We are extremely proud of our curriculum and the work that has gone into our sustainable play approach.

 Nature’s textures provide an abundance of materials for making one-of-a-kind paintbrushes. This fun activity gets the whole family involved and provides hours of fun and entertainment. For a mindful play element, add in some music and let the rhythm guide your painting. 

 What you’ll need:

Any natural and unique items that will make for cool paint brush bristles (feathers, flowers, dried branches, pine boughs)

  • Sticks (equal to the number of brushes you want to make)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paper


 Step 1: Collect the items needed for your paintbrush. Make this a fun family activity by doing a nice outdoor walk together

 Step 2: Cut small pieces of twine to wrap and secure the natural bristles to the brush handle. 

 Step 3: Bundle and lay the “bristles” against the stick and use the twine to secure them together, wrapping it several times and securing it with a knot.

Step 4: With your nature paint brushes ready to use, dip them in paint and have fun making art!

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