Gamodubu Update

As of January 2019, Learn To Play will no longer be continuing with the Learn To Play (Ithute Go Tshameka) Playgroups at the Gamodubu Child Care Trust.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gamodubu Child Care Trust for working with us to pilot our programme at their centre.

A pilot project is a small scale, preliminary study conducted in order to evaluate feasibility and improve upon the project design prior to taking the programme to scale.  At the end of our pilot, we have found the most successful model for our playgroups to be in partnership with VDCs and other community agencies as this allows for an integrated approach and a larger community buy-in and ownership for long-term sustainability, a scalable model and a method that allows for greater impact.

As of this year, Learn To Play is not responsible for Gamodubu Child Care Trusts activities, staff or their actions. Learn to Play is a separate and independent organisation and we advise that our Community Partnerships during 2019 are as follows:

    1. Gopong
    2. Bontleng
    3. Kavimba



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