2018 Project Summary

In 2018, we worked with 21 Mamapreneurs across 3 communities and impacted over 150 children. Our Gopong Playgroup ran one session a day with 36 children, and 7 mamas’ lives were uplifted through economic empowerment. The relationships with the Health Clinic & Village Development Committee (VDC) were strengthened during this time.

In Bontleng, the community demanded 2 playgroup sessions a day & enrolled 76 children. These 6 Mamapreneurs gained further practice & vocational skills in early childhood through the extra sessions.

Our partnerships with the community park, VDC & Pula Sports Development Company have thrived during this time.

The Gamodubu Child Care Trust faced several challenges in 2018 and had less than 36 children under the age of 6 and only 4 Mamapreneurs were left in the programme. This occurred as a result of initially trained Mamapreneurs leaving for other employment or choosing not to remain as volunteers with the centre. This resulted in playgroups not being run on a daily basis and inconsistencies in running the programme. Gamodubu Child Care Trust operates separately and independent from Learn to Play as of 1st January 2019.

Our Refined Model for 2019

Our pilot playgroups ran for 3 months in 2018, during which we undertook consistent monitoring and evaluation to reflect upon and determine our way forward. We are very proud of our lean iteration approach that enables us to refine our model as we continue.

Based on our learnings and outcomes from 2018, we have found the most successful model to be a community owned approach where Village Development Committees (VDCs) and other community/ government agencies such as health clinic and social services are involved as this allows for an integrated approach and a larger community buy-in and ownership for long-term sustainability, a scalable model and a method that allows for greater impact.

We will only be continuing with Community Partnerships going forward, and our 3 communities for a full 2019 roll-out are:

    1. Gopong
    2. Bontleng
    3. Kavimba



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