Rainbow Play Approach

A framework for holistic early childhood development where Play is a fundamental element in all areas of learning, wellbeing, and development.

Specifically developed by Learn To Play, our Mamapreneurs in each community receive training on the Rainbow Play Approach as a toolkit for establishing informal playgroups for children under the age of 6.

It is currently also being applied at two private Nursery Schools in Botswana as their school-wide curriculum, a Parenting and Play program, and at pediatric oncology ward. The Rainbow Play approach has been presented to delegates at the AfECN Conference in Nairobi in October 2018 and will be shared at the World Forum for Early Care and Education in Macao, April 2019. We have also been invited to present our unique framework at the prestigious Africa Play Conference.


The Rainbow Play Approach provides young children, their caregivers & educators as well as curriculum developers and policymakers, with a methodology that will allow them to thrive and fulfill their potential, whatever their circumstance, context, or community in both formal and informal settings.



You can download and use our open-source framework for free, but please note that it is copyrighted and trademarked. Referencing Learn To Play as your source is imperative.


We can offer training and workshops based on the Rainbow Play Approach for your organization. Training can be done online via Live Zoom sessions alongside the independent study, as well as in-person consultations that are tailor-made to your needs.


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