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A few years ago, Priyanka trained to be a Health Coach for children with the Dr. Sears Institute to become more aware of how a child’s physical wellness impacts their learning and development at school. As Learn To Play grows, we see the immense value of an integrated approach; one which focuses on education, child protection, health, and nutrition along with positive mental wellbeing and family/community life.

As you look at schools in other countries, there is a strong focus on both wellness and wellbeing. Most of us have probably used the words “wellness” and “well-being” interchangeably without really understanding if there is a difference.

Susie Ellis, the Global Wellness Institute chairperson, sees a (necessary) coming evolution where wellness gets firmly associated with health and prevention, and wellbeing becomes more associated with happiness and a state of mental health.

If you go by the book, here is how Merriam-Webster makes the distinction:

Wellbeing: the state of being happy, healthy, or successful”
Wellness: the quality or state of being healthy”

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

Learn To Play is excited to be working on a Rainbow Play for Wellness Approach. We are putting together a workshop for schools, parents, and caregivers that will provide a framework of how to build an ethos, curricula, and culture of wellness for young children.

Our Play for Wellness approach includes the 6 key areas of early childhood development and shows how they each relate to a different theme within health and wellness. The workshop will have specific play and learn activities to implement in your settings that will help children develop in these 6 key areas of wellness. Our program will also explain why integration and a holistic approach is fundamental to overall optimum health and wellness.

Our littlest citizens deserve every opportunity to Play, Learn and Thrive.

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